Our Motto

 The Karate is the perfection of the practitioner’s character, achieved through intensive physical training and mental discipline.


Martial arts classes offered by the Sports Club offer an opportunity for you and your child to spend time together – and get your kicks as well! concentrates on perfection of the basics and katas. Karate is active all year around. Everyone from beginners to experts are welcome.

Beginner to Experts

Our Club offers instruction in traditional Okinawan Karate to the Carleton student body, to achieve intensive physical training and mental discipline and  which makes you perfect. 

Self defence

It is a type of martial art which can be used for defense. It’s also become popular for its emphasis on physical and mental discipline. But some forms of karate utilize weaponry, it’s best known as a weaponless way to defend oneself in battle.


We offers international standards and make it one of the finest sport facilities among clubs in the city..

BBS club KARATE section boasts on established KARATE with members of all ages and standards


Find the ultimate fun in sports and fitness. With thousands of ways to stay fit, play and compete and Premiere experiences for every member of every skill level.



Coaching Fee & Timings

ANNUAL ACADEMY Including Dasara Camp, X-Mas Camp & Summer Camp
WEEKEND ACADEMY (One Full Year FROM Date of Joining)
9.00 am TO 11.00 am All Saturdays & Sundays Rs. 22,000/- Year
11.00 am TO 1.00 pm
2.00 pm TO 4.00 pm
4.00 pm TO 6.00 pm
6.30 pm TO 9.00 pm All Saturdays & Sundays Rs. 28,000/- Year

Rules & Regulations

About Us

We aim to increase the camaraderie among each of them through the medium of sports while emphasising the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

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